Dear participants,

Recently, world oil prices are rising every day. People everywhere are suffering from high oil prices when they use cars, boilers and electricity. Hydrogen is substituted for oil in machines such as internal combustion engines, burners and power plants. Hydrogen can be produced and used by people themselves from distributed natural energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydraulic energy without environmental pollution.

The combination of hydrogen and fuel cells seems as compatible as a needle and thread. Hydrogen energy leads a new paradigm of world energy from fossil energy, and fuel cells follow to produce electric power from hydrogen energy, which can replace small batteries, vehicle engines, residential power generation and large power plants. Making Hydrogen Energy World quickly solves energy problems, environmental pollution problems and makes our world healthy and peaceful without energy-related conflicts.

We, the Committee of WHEC 2014 and IAHE, cordially invite all members of the IAHE and interested professors and students to the 20th World Hydrogen Conference 2014, which will be held in Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea from June 15 - 20, 2014.

WHEC2014 will host more than 3,000 attendees from more than 60 countries. WHEC 2014 gives participants, exhibitors, and sponsors numerous opportunities to share and exchange scientific information with global leaders in the business, government, and scientific communities as well as enjoy our Korean hospitality and friendship.

The WHEC2014 exhibition will feature a variety of hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications from companies and research institutions.

I look forward to seeing you at WHEC 2014 in Gwangju.

Prof.   Dr.    Byeong Soo Oh
Chairman of the WHEC2014

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