Invitation to 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (20 WHEC)


Some four decades have passed since we have proposed at the landmark The Hydrogen Economy Miami Energy (THEME) Conference the Hydrogen Economy as a solution to the interrelated global problems of depletion of fossil fuels and the environmental problems they are causing such as the global warming, air pollution, acid rains, ozone layer depletion, oxygen reduction and oil spills. Since then, because of the r&d activities around the world, there has been important advances. Four years ago in Japan and in Germany, two consortia were established. Each consisted of car companies and hydrogen producers. Their aims were to establish enough hydrogen fueling stations in Japan and Germany by 2015, so that hydrogen fueled cars could be marketed in 2015 and beyond. Since then, similar organizations have been established in U.S.A., France and U.K. Car companies are planning to market hundreds of thousands of hydrogen cars in 2015, and increasing it to millions of cars by 2020.


I think after the land transportation, air transportation will follow suit, and there will be subsonic and supersonic passenger planes running on hydrogen in 2030s and beyond. Of course, there are already hydrogen fueled submarines in the navies of several countries. Also, hydrogen forklifts are now commercial, as they are the best forklifts for use in enclosed warehouses with no poisonous emissions.


In order to develop the technologies needed for conversion to Hydrogen Economy, International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) has been organizing the World Hydrogen Energy Conferences (WHEC) in even years and the World Hydrogen Technologies Conventions (WHTC) in odd years. I am very happy to report that the next WHEC Conference will take place in Gwangju City, South Korea, 15-20 June 2014. It will cover all aspects of hydrogen energy, including primary energy sources to produce hydrogen, hydrogen production methods, storage and distribution, utilization including i.c. engines, turbines, fuel cells, hydride applications, jet engines and rocket engines, economics and environmental impact. The research endeavors of the scientists and engineers participating in this conference will make significant contributions to facilitate the milestone conversion to Hydrogen Economy.


Because of the foregoing, I urge all engineers, scientists, environmentalists, decision makers and policy makers, who are involved in energy and environment, to participate in the 20 World Hydrogen Energy Conference (20 WHEC). This will bring us closer to the age of abundant energy and clean environment.


T. Nejat Veziroglu

Honorary Chair, WHEC2014

President, International Association for Hydrogen Energy

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