Now Online registration for the exhibition is available.
If you register for the raw space, please refer to the booth information of the Exhibition menu.
Please contact the committee of WHEC2014 via email at, if you need to discuss booth design with us.

전시회 부스임대 비용 구분, 내용, 단가
Type Contents Unit Price
Shell Scheme Construction Provision of exhibition space and shell scheme booth Zone A USD 4,000
Zone B USD 3,000
Zone C USD 2,500
Raw Space Provision of exhibition space only Zone A USD 3,500
Zone B USD 2,500
Zone C USD 2,000

·  Booth entry fees are calculated per each booth.

·  Booth size: 9m2 (3mⅹ3m), Height 2.5m

·  Booth location is subject to change according to booth application and allocation conditions.

Wall (aluminum-frame, white plastic board) with power consumption during the exhibition, 1 banner for company fascia name,
1 information table, 1 chair, electricity 1KW, 3 halogen spotlights (60W), 1 double holed socket, carpet-pytex

참가 비용 납부 구분, 내용
Section Contents
Deposit 50% of the total amount within 15 days of the date of application
Balance By March 31, 2014 (the bank statement of remittance should be submitted in the case of application after March 1, 2014)
Discount Application in advance Application in advance I: ~2013. 11. 30 20%
Application in advance II: ~2014. 01. 31 10%
Large Volume Large Volume I : More than 5 booths 5%
Large Volume II: More than 10 booths 10%
Payment Method Account Transfer

- Beneficiary Name : WHEC2014
- Beneficiary Account Number : 074-107-662352
- Beneficiary Address : 1A-418, Vehicle Engineering Building, Chonnam National University, Yongbongdong, Bukgu, Gwangju, 500-757, Korea
- Name of Bank : Kwangju Bank
- Bank Address : Int’l Business Dep. 15Fl. Kwangju Bank Bldg. 7-12 Dae-in Dong, Dong-gu, Kwangju, 501-730, Korea

* For Domestic, Go to Korean Homepage.

Benefits of the conference registration fees for the exhibitors

참가 비용 납부 구분, 내용
Volume of booth 9㎡~18㎡ 27㎡~36㎡ 45㎡
Discount rates of conference registration fees 20% off for 2 participants 20% off for 3 participants 20% off for 4 participants

※ Please contact the committee of WHEC2014 ( if you have any questions.

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